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Hey everyone! Have I got a special announcement for you and boy, oh boy are you going to love this one.

There is an amazing and ACTIVE graphics community that is up and running by a fabulous maker named tiara. She not only does some of the most amazing graphics I've ever seen, but she also enjoys posting contests and games for prizes!!!

I'm super in love with this community and I know you will be too. So hurry up and head over to allthingscute, fill out THIS FORM and please don't forget to tell her I referred you.



New Changes!!!

I want to announce some changes here. I will be opening up posting here on boxofalabaster while I continue to post up my own challenges. My intention is to see boxofalabaster become something remarkably different. Most of you are a member of 2ormore and are familiar with all of the hard work that heyurs and her many volunteers put into making that community one of a kind. I'm looking for boxofalabaster to have a completely different niche in the spiritual needs of this community. So first of all I wish to ask you to listen to this song, which is where I got the name for the community.

Part of the lyrics read:
Until at last, she knelt before his feet
And though she spoke no words
Everything she said was heard
As she poured her love for the Master
From her box of alabaster

Going from these lyrics, I wish to make clear my intentions for this community. I wish to see this community become one of service, worship, praise and fellowship. I want to see it become a community full of individuals wishing to give praise to God with their own talents, interacting, uplifting, encouraging one another. If say, you enjoy Christian music, I would love to see you share certain youtube songs that God used to touch your heart. If you've been reading Christian news and ran across a story you feel everyone should read and pray about, I encourage you to share it. If you like pinterest and find something that would strengthen and encourage your fellow brothers & sisters in Christ, I encourage you to share it. I encourage you to share your testimony, your praises of what God is doing in your lives each day. If you were reading your Bible and something touched your heart, I encourage you to share it with the group. If you're struggling and need prayers, I want to encourage you in your own words to post about it and this way we can pray for you in every way you need. If you make Christian graphics, I encourage you to post them here, share your talents. If you like Christian wallpapers, or Christian poetry/movies/art... etc. Share it!

I no longer wish for this to be my community, but OUR community. I wish for it to be a family endeavor. I wish to see each individual interacting and pouring out their love for the Master from their own box of alabaster. Whatever you give of yourself here, whatever you share of your talents, is not for us, but for God Himself. I simply wish to see it in a community setting where we can share with one another, so that iron can sharpen iron. We can make each other stronger in faith, help one another to grow spiritually, we can encourage each other in times of struggle, we can function as God intended and share in one another's burdens.

Some of you may prefer to remain lurkers, but for those of you who really wish to have a community of brothers/sisters coming together and uplifting one another, supporting each other, serving one another in prayer, giving spiritually sound advice... then boxofalabaster is definitely the right place.

I no longer am satisfied to be silent. I am no longer satisfied to sit back silently and read. I want to interact. I want to strengthen and grow in my walk with Christ. I want to shout to the world what magnificent works God is doing in my life. I want to build strong relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ, if this is you, please stay and get involved in whatever way you feel led to do so.

Remember this is a Christian community. It is not a community for debate. It is not a community for criticism or "holy" condemnation. I hold the same rules for this community as I do for my kids "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all".

We will continue to have challenges, bible studies, so on and so forth as that is really what I wish to share from my point of view. Each of you are welcomed to share what God has placed in your own heart, so long as you understand the premise of the community and respect the members here in.

Welcome to the new boxofalabaster!!! Grab your cup of coffee, your Bible and settle in. Consider this your home and each of us your family!!!

Friending Meme


Copy/Paste the contents of the textbox into your comment.
Fill it out and post your comment. Keep an eye on everyone
elses response and friend away.


Free Gift

In order to kick off the new month's activities and get everyone going along in the right mindset I created a wallpaper as a gift to all of you. The dimensions are 1024x768. All you need to is right click the image below and save. It'll save at the correct dimensions.

 photo Eucharisteo_zps5f76443e.png

No credit needed, just enjoy and give thanks. God bless!

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We are days away from the first days of November. I have BIG plans for boxofalabaster in regards to November and so I wish to encourage all of you to spread the word. November here at boxofalabaster will be a very big month of Gratitude and Thankfulness. I will be encouraging members to read their Bible every day, sharing testimony, giving daily scripture to focus on, prayer requests and also journaling prompts. I will try to have some wonderful activities for us to do together as a group as well as a friending meme sometime during the month. Spread the word and lets see if we can get some more members over here in order to participate and draw strength from this wonderful opportunity.

Take care and God bless!