I'm proud to announce the opening of this brand new community, which is as much for God as it is for all of you. The graphics that will be posted here are clean, Christian/family oriented stock icons and banners. On occasion I will post some custom offers, recipes and other items related to faith, family and Christian living.

My rules are pretty easy and straight forward...
* Be Respectful
* Comment when you snag or pick up
* Credit graphics properly (mysweetheaven@boxofalabaster)

* & Don't be shy...

I really would like to have an active community of Faith here, real friends, genuine interactions. I will also be supporting other Christian communities so that we have a strong active network. Many of us are here, because we LOVE Livejournal and we don't want to see it die down or fade out, so I encourage all of you to spread the word and lets build this community up.

God Bless and Thank you for your time!